We offer various kinds of dupattas, made of chiffon, mulmul, cotton etc. They are available in both muted shades as well as bright colours. They are safe to be washed in machines and they dry out almost instantly. The dupattas we offer can be paired with all kinds of salwar suits, churidars, anarkali suits and patiyala suits. They are dyed using naturally made dyes and these colours will not wash away, so your dupatta will not fade away. 

They are available in vegetable prints, batik prints, block prints etc. They are available in colours like tomato red, sky blue, grass green etc. The colour combinations are exquisite and the finishing is done in a very fine way. Not a single loose thread or stitch can be found on the dupatta. The size of the dupatta is that of a standard one.

Hand Dyed fabric 
Contrast border at the sides

Hand dyed/printed finish using traditional dyeing process
Colors may initially transfer at times when fabric is dry or wet, hence contact with light colored fabrics should be avoided.

Natural Dye Mulmul Dupatta

The natural dye Mulmul dupatta that we offer is made of mulmul, which is a soft fabric and a lot like cotton, which is why it is comfortable to wear in summers. The natural dye that we use is made from extracts of flowers, so that there is no leakage of the colour, when one is washing it. The colours that this dupatta comes in are tomato red and other muted shades. 

They are available in batik prints or block prints. The ends have been sewn well, so that there are no loose threads left. The designs are very elegant and classy and they will go with all kind of salwar suits. They can be washed in machines as well as by hand and they dry out in minutes. Their size is of the standard dupattas.

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  • Item Code: D001

Cotton Mulmul Dupatta

We manufacture cotton mulmul dupattas which are soft and thin and ideal for the hot and humid climate of India. They are generally block printed or batik printed and the print is done using natural dyes which have been made from flower extracts. The colour doesn’t leak from them when they are washed and they can be washed in machines and with hand as well. They are of standard size and the ends are stitched so that there are no loose ends and the dupatta doesn’t tear. 

These are very elegant and they are good to look at and they can be paired with all kinds of salwars, churidars, anarkalis etc. They are available in colours like royal blue, sky blue, tomato red etc. We offer them at a highly competitive price.

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  • Item Code: D002

Vegetable Color Mulmul Dupatta

We offer vegetable colour mulmul dupatta which comes in mauve, purple and other such shades. The designs on them are floral and various motifs from traditional Indian arts. The dupatta is made using mulmul because it is great for the summers and won’t make you feel hot. They look very classy and elegant and one can pair them with different kind of clothes even like kurtas and leggings, apart from the traditional salwar kurtas, churidars, anarkalis etc. 

These have no loose ends in them and they can be hand washed and machine washed and washed in all kinds of water. They are long lasting and there will be no leakage of colour from them when they are being washed. Also, because the cloth is so soft, you will not feel uncomfortable when you wear it.

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  • Item Code: D003

Hand Printed Chanderi Dupatta

The hand printed chanderi dupattas that we offer are printed by artisans using natural dyes and their design is that of the famed traditional Chanderi sarees. The dupattas are printed on cotton or mulmul which makes them comfortable to wear for all people and they are ideal as summer wear. They can be paired with all kinds of salwar suits as their designs are very modern and classy at the same time. 

These can be hand washed and it is guaranteed that no colour drains or leaks out from it. It dries out fast and it has no loose ends and is stitched well, so that it doesn’t tear even when a lot of pressure is applied on it. They are available in different colours and they are of the standardized size.

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  • Item Code: D004

Deshi Tussar Silk Cloth Dupatta

The Deshi tussar silk dupatta is an elegant creation of ours. It is made using tussar from the East and is of very good quality. It has been printed on using vegetable and floral dyes. Their quality is very soft and they have been starched well. They are light and comfortable to wear in all seasons and they can be paired with all kinds of salwar kurtas. They can be worn at important functions as well and they can be washed both by hand and by machines.

The ends have been stitched well so that there are no loose threads dangling. They are available in the traditional tussar colour, as well as pastel and muted shades like sky blue, royal blue, plum red, maroon etc. They are of standard length and are available at competitive prices.

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  • Item Code: D005

Tussar Silk Dupatta

We offer Tussar Silk dupattas in traditional tussar colours like beige, biscuit etc. and even new age colours like pink, orange, rust etc. The tussar we use has been hand crafted and it has been dyed using vegetable dyes and floral dyes. These kinds of dyes have been used so that there is no leakage of colour from the clothes when you wash them or sweat. They are hand painted and they have got Indian art motifs on them. 

These can be hand washed in any kind of water, hot or cold. They are great for summers and they can enhance the look of your dress instantly. They have a good finishing and their longevity is high. They have been starched well so that you need not starch them at frequent intervals.

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  • Item Code: D006
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