The Indian woman’s first choice for any important ceremony or occasion is a traditional and beautiful Saree. Considered to be one of the most ancient attires, this cultural piece is widely acknowledged by ladies all over the world. Saree is basically an UN-stitched cloth whose length ranges from 5 to 9 meters. It can be draped over the body in various manners and contemporary designers are modernizing the styles of wearing saree. The beauty of women in a graceful saree is unparalleled. 

There is a variety of sarees to choose from such as Cotton Mulmul sarees, Dhaniakhali cotton, Sambalpuri silk, Tussar silk, Bagru dabu print, Baluchori silk, etc. The color, fabric, texture of the saree reflects a woman’s style, taste and culture. Thus the traditional sari expresses beauty, romance, marriage, responsibility and hard work in India completely. 

Hand Dyed fabric
Contrast border at the sides

Hand dyed / printed finish using traditional dyeing process.

Cotton Mulmul Saree

Mulmul is a fine, soft cotton muslin which is produced in India. Cotton mulmul saree are beautiful textured, lightweight and delicate. Referred as “wonder gossamer” or “woven wind” these fabric was once exclusive to the kings and queens of the Indian subcontinent. Nowadays mulmul sarees have gained immense popularity throughout the world. Our clothes are extremely eco friendly as the chemicals used to dye or print are nature’s products. 

We have three beautiful varieties under this particular category white with black print, white with red print and a black border and white with maroon print. If a garment is not comfortable to wear and fuss free to maintain it cannot be regarded as sustainable. Here at our clothing brand we provide completely sustainable sarees. We work hard to create sarees with eternal beauty and a balance of functionality and quality.

Natural Dye Print Cotton Saree

A green future awaits us and here at our clothes manufacturing company we are making an effort to create a sustainable and Eco-friendly clothing line. We not only use organic cotton and fibers to make our sarees but also use ecological fabrics that help in dying, processing and printing. These fabrics and dyes are obtained from plants, herbs and natural minerals. The nature dye print cotton saree available has a white base with black speckled prints all over its body. The border has a temple print and bold black lines with internal designs. 

The saree is very comfortable and suitable for casual occasions. With a subtle and sophisticated look this saree is extremely pleasurable. We ensure finest quality printing at reasonable prices. Being the leading manufacturers of cotton sarees we provide the best and unsurpassed prints

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  • Item Code: C001

Mulmul Cotton Saree

Being the finest and softest cotton material, mulmul gives an edge to both traditional as well as contemporary designer sarees. A red and white print redefines the stylish quotient of this saree. With alternate thin and bold black printed lines on a white border this saree is a must for any modern woman’s wardrobe. High on fashion, this cotton saree has a feather like texture. The cotton sarees after being washed once can be worn regularly and are suitable for the hot Indian summers. 

At a minimum price this is the best buy one can get anywhere. The elegance and graciousness of this piece is worth noticing. This is ideal for those women who need to wear sarees daily for the requirements of their occupation or due to homely needs.

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Hand Block Print Cotton Saree

We are excellent in creating printed sarees especially the hand block printed ones. We have one of the best designs under this category. These are manually printed using wooden blocks thus filling the saree with vibrant and rich colors. Hand block print ensures a unique design as they are not likely to be repeated. The image of the saree provided in the website’s catalog will give you a fair idea of the remarkable fashionist as we are trying to create. 

A white saree with red hand printed stripes and a border with beautiful traditional designs to adorn it; this piece of art can alter the look of any woman and bring out the best in her. This unusual clothing with its perpetual charm does not fail to embellish the Indian woman’s beauty, generosity and elegance.

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  • Item Code: C003

Mangalagiri Saree

Mangalagiri are famous handloom sarees from Mangalagiri area of Guntur district. These are densely woven sarees with a count of 80s cotton combed yarn. A famous variety of this type is the one with the nizam border. A basic mangalagiri saree is characterized by a plain body with a zari border. The fabric used to make the saree is renowned for its finely woven yarn, bright colors, silky feel and a high count which has already been mentioned above. 

As one of the leading producers of mangalagiri sarees we have a proper fashion sense and create the perfectly blocked or vibrant weaves that complement the zari border beautifully. These sarees are famous not only for their elegant and stylish appeal but also the comfortable and sustainable factor. With a range of designs available R.K. Derawala manufacturers let you choose as per your taste and purpose.

Maheshwari Handloom Saree

With a wonderful red body with alternate nakshi and white border this sari is a perfect choice for afternoon invitations or lunches. It is also suitable for the working women as these are perfect office wear. The super fine weaves and the silky lustrous texture appeals to the classy eye. Through our various displays of sarees we aim to provide satisfaction to our customers by meeting their clothing specifications. We also keep in mind the quality of each product and try to improve it every time. 

This handloom saree comes with blouse. The price of this saree is a mere amount in front of its quality, consistency and elegance. The cloth used is pure handloom cotton thus developing its comfort factor. Wearing it will not only save you from the hot summer but also make you the person to be awed.

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Hand Block Printed Cotton Saree

Saree printing is done not only to maximize the value of it but also to make them more attractive and smart to the eye. A combination of different shades of blue with green pipelines in between this is a unique blend of the mesmerizing colors. Ideal for festivals or dinner parties this is the perfect choice for the classy lady. This saree is available with a blouse. With a wonderful border to complement the body the saree is high on quality too. A soft, feather-like texture and lightweight characterizes it. 

Printing is done in bold as well as small printing designs and all of it is done manually using a wooden block. The dyes used are environment friendly and obtained from plants, herbs and other natural products. It is an ethnic wear that will enhance your true self.

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Block Printed Silk Saree

Before buying any garment it is important to know the procedure of making it. Block printed sarees are made using a wooden block which has a design carved out on it. The silk saree is laid on the table and using the hand the block is pressed on different areas on the saree. The dyes used are vegetative and does not harm the environment. The saree in the catalog has golden motifs on its khaki and white colored body. 

The border is lined with red continuous prints. This saree comes with a striking blouse. This is a perfect office wear and ideally suitable for teachers and professors. Its ethnic design and subtle color combination wins many hearts. Thus with its eternal charisma, this graceful saree does not fail to decorate the Indian woman and her many avatars.

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  • Item Code: M004

Bagru Print Maheshwari Saree

The block print in Bagru is mainly done in beige, red and black with occasionally a hint of indigo blue at times. Bagru printing is specialization of the Bagru area in Rajasthan. Hand printed using wooden blocks; these sarees have environment friendly dyes on it. The beige saree has golden floral prints on it with an amazing black and golden border. This lightweight saree is made of 100% pure handloom cotton. 

A blouse is available with this saree. It showcases feminine appeal and beauty. This piece can be worn at any festival, family gathering, marriage parties or any other traditional occasions. An original bagru print maheshwari this gives a comfortable feeling and is easy to carry and maintain. The attractive design truly expresses the language of beauty, romance, elegance, graciousness and hard work in Indian culture.

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